Full-cycle advertising studio

Full-cycle advertising studio

The colleagues came up with the idea of the digital agency, specializing on full-cycle brand growth and its launch on the market. They worked for advertising agencies before and there are other specialists we know who could have entered the team.

The short-term promotion projects are a part of a process. Such projects can be performed separately, but their potential is reduced then. The main instrument is creative provocation urging public to remember the brand. All this is done to steal the attention of the world and make the product popular with provocative marketing moves to blow the customers’ minds.

The main idea is to provide live connection of the customer company with a target audience so that they could see the reaction at once.

Usually much time passes to see if the advertising campaign works. It results in bigger sales with time but using provocation is risky therefore the companies keep away from such effective marketing tool. When strong messages and bold ideas are used, you are on slippery ground. The companies are afraid to act boldly.

There is a special system of measures monitoring customers’ reaction. It gives the possibility to control the promotion campaign if it is not perceived adequately. The video surveillance with immediate feedback is one of the means to solve such problem though additional expenditures are required for it.

Awareness makes the company more flexible – something that is hard to do with current state of affairs in the agencies of this type. I offer the innovative scheme of control to direct the campaign the right way.

It would be great to create much noise around the product or make activity of the company visible to all. Nothing’s actually is impossible. Even the most audacious concepts can become a reality and transform the environment.

Full-cycle advertising studio

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