Alcohol test app

Alcohol test app

This is an idea of the app checking out if you are drunk. Several times I was on the brink of most stupid things I was going to do and, fortunately, refused from them. But I know many people who didn’t and had to deal with problems they created. All are aware about the bad influence of alcohol. It does not only ruin health but kills social connections as well. Some people are just nice when they are drunk while the others display the worst traits of character. If you belong to the second type and there are no faithful friends beside to stop you, a special app can be developed to do such work.


Just imagine the situation. Being drunk some people are eager to communicate with others. If there is no interlocutor they visit social networks and start sending messages to their colleagues, boss, ex… What seems reasonable to them at that particular moment, cause serious problems later. It seems that a couple of drinks can’t be so destructive but I saw people losing jobs and cancelling weddings due to their stupid decisions. The application can stop you from mistakes of this type and help to make smarter decisions.

The app prevents your activity in social networks and analyzes your behavior with special technology developed by programmers. Usually a range of math problems is offered to the user. If the doubts are confirmed, it limits the actions of the person until the one is sober-minded. The one can’t tweet, publish Facebook posts and send emails. It would also include the feature of designated dealer. Each time dialing the number of a girl-friend, the person gets to the toll-free number where the voice reminds him that he should not call her at the moment.

Alcohol test app

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