Recruitment and team growth agency

Recruitment and team growth agency

There is an idea to create a recruitment company based on new research data. Some history: in 2012 Google decided to determine the way to build a perfect team. They called the experiment “Project Aristotle.” Within the frames of this experiment, 180 teams were interviewed and their data was analyzed. This is how they discovered the key characteristics of the enhanced teams.

Google was not the only company that tried to solve the problem. Many researchers were eager to discover the secrets of success for the team. As a result, they found out that not the skills were of primary importance as it was considered before but the personality.

In other words, the education and knowledge does not play the key role, though it is certainly important, but the way the person interacts in a team. It turned out to be the most significant factor.

My idea is to create the recruiting company with this factor in mind. It will help to find the right people for the companies and startups. Working with the applicants, the professional psychologists will determine if this or that person suits your team. The work is conducted with the whole team, not the applicants only. The person should be fit to reveal the talents within the team.

Much attention is paid to the career objectives of the candidates. They should match the roles that the startup or the company is able to offer. Carefully picked candidates are chosen not only on the basis of their skills and expertise but on the basis of their personal qualities. The goal is to find the most suitable candidate and help him/her to assimilate and become the integral part of the team to reveal the talents and capabilities fully. I would like to emphasize that this is not a recruitment company per se, but the company that tries to enhance your team looking for the right people. As we find them, it becomes a valuable contribution to the success of the team. The process of this type requires a unique approach and very thorough work.

Recruitment and team growth agency

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