Uber for tour guides

Uber for tour guides

It can be hard to find the guide you like at the unknown place. I offer to create the service that would work like the Uber for guides. There are a lot of guides who could enter the network to be connected with their potential clients. Though there are a lot of services offering tours for travelers, it is still hard for both sides to find each other. The travelers are displeased with lack of alternatives, while the guides lack the opportunity to promote themselves and look for the guests on their own without intermediaries.

My idea is to create a service with a touch of personality so that each performer could get reviews from the customers. There is an opportunity to create different thematic excursions to attract potential clients and offer them to the guests of the city. It gives the opportunity to customize the tour and get the unique experience from locals.

Alternatively, there is an opportunity to order the recorded digital excursions and explore the place on your own with a digital assistant at your disposal.

Uber for tour guides

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