Creation of AI for better website conversion

Creation of AI for better website conversion

I want to make a team for AI development that serves the needs of e-commerce store. The work will be conducted in two directions. One of the AI bots will help to improve search engines optimization of the store. Let me explain how it usually works and what I expect from it.

Building web experience is changing fast and contributes to faster business conversion. Even when you use search engine on the site, you can find the automatic response to your query. It can be either the theme-related information or promotional offers increasing the conversion of the website. AI helps to predict user’s wishes and offer content in compliance with his requests. Both sides benefit from this approach. The visitor gets better user experience, while the site’s owner gets the most of user’s surfing (traffic).

I hope to create the universal instrument that would help different online stores perform promotion work without effort.

The other direction will develop AI for consultation work.

Being embedded on the sites, they imitate normal communication as if you chat with a real person. AI bots have become very intelligent consultants. When used in internet store they help to generate answers to typical questions because big resources may not have enough assistants for that. AI-powered chatbots can be an excellent solution enabling people get information on the issues they want to clarify.

The main task of AI is adaption to people’s needs. Special tools analyze moods, preferences and come up with the results on the basis of information received by them. I want to develop the artificial intelligence that will be able to act like human consultants.

Creation of AI for better website conversion

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