Monitoring platform for fishermen

Monitoring platform for fishermen

It would be great to develop special devices, which are capable to monitor the conditions for better fishing. As fishermen are eager to have a bigger catch, such equipment informs where to go for it.

The monitors installed in different locations of the world make the network and come up with the forecast notifying the fishermen of the situation. The information is collected from the devices to the platform where it is processed with special algorithm and analyzed to figure out the potential of the place.

Based on the data received, the users of the platform decide upon the destination point in order to enjoy the best fishing times. Also, different parameters can be highlighted such as choice of the particular type of fish.

The network can include the data on better activity shared by the members such as the best fishing time, lures, baits and techniques.

Fishermen pursue better fishing opportunities in the effort to increase fishing catch. There are a lot of factors to consider such as weather, moon phase, climate etc. With time other tools can be added to expand the functionality.

Monitoring platform for fishermen

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