Apartment rental service

Apartment rental service

The idea of a service for people looking for the cheap offers on accommodation is not mine. The business model exists and even works successfully, but it does not become less acute. Any person can apply it in his region and enjoy the result. As it was said, there are actually a lot of rental services of this kind and Airnb is one of them, but this does not interfere with your business plans. This market is huge and requires more companies of this kind.

What is required from you is to make a website and an app for renting accommodation. Such things are highly demanded among travelers. The apartment cost can reach 4k in some cities of USA! It is hard to find less expensive alternatives and this is where your service can be helpful.

What I like about it is that you can launch your startup without owning real estate assets. You just help the property owners to post their offers either for a small fee or even for free. This is a kind of p2p service and people like its transparency and flexibility.

The geolocation service is integrated into the platform and it contributes to the convenience of use. You can easily see on the map where the apartment is located and compare the offers.

Apartment rental service

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